News Flash: The 4reasons and Its Aura

Below are the news about 4reasons Hotel, Yalikavak-Bodrum and the surrounding area. The news in this area could be an excerpt of a story about our hotel, a cultural event in Bodrum, or a field trip to one of the ancient sites. Basically we aim to fill you in on what is happening in our world. Enjoy!



The mysteries of Çatalhöyük – Oldest Settlement in the World

Morgan Freeman, Konya Çatalhöyük'te- İlk çiftçiler ilk inananlar mıydı from 4reasons hotel+bistro on Vimeo.

Çatalhöyük (30 miles southeast of Konya in Turkey) is widely accepted as being the world’s oldest village or town. Established around 7500 B.C. , it covered 32 acres and was home to between 3000 to 8000 people. Because of the way of the houses are packed so closely together it […]

A new yearly tradition started by Xuma Beach Club in 2015, Chill-Out Festival Bodrum 2016 will be held on 23-24 July of 2016. Music lovers are expected a total of 24 hours music program over two days in a nestled and serene location that Xuma Beach Club offers. Keep checking […]

If you are heading to Bodrum, Turkey, here are some smart tips to make your stay a lot more enjoyable. Knowing a Little Turkish will Go a Very , Very Long Way Not many people speak English in Turkey. But the good news is, Turkish isn’t hard to learn—the letters are […]

The 4reasons will be home to the Yoga & Healing Week, early September. Yay! Happy.   Basak & Jonathan, a New Yorker couple, are specialized in yoga and healing therapies. They offer an integral wellness experience based on yogic tradition and modern therapeutic techniques coupled with vibrational healing. They practice, […]

Tablet has chosen to feature 4reasons hotel+bistro as one of the select few properties in the world.  The founders Laurent Vernhes and Michael Davis define their position:  “Our users trust our taste — we do the hard work of selecting only the world’s most extraordinary hotels, and we make booking them […]